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CCSC Advisors for 2024

President - Mike Alfieri
Vice President - Alan Donath
Treasurer - Gerry Wasson
Secretary - Mike Novins
Sgt. at Arms - Mike Perrin

Classic Chevys of Southern California

In 1975, Steve Kershuk, the founding father of Classic Chevys of Southern California, got the urge to get a group of '55, '56, and '57 Chevy lovers together to form a club. He sent out a letter to all the prospective members he could think of. The first meeting of what is now know as CCSC was held on January 14, 1976. At the meeting the club was named, dues were established at ten dollars per year and a board of officers was elected. As is only fair, Steve was elected the first President. At the end of 1976 there were seventy (70) members. By September of 1979 there were one hundred twenty four (124) members. By October of 1987 there were only fifty three (53) ACTIVE members and seventy one (71) INACTIVE members.

Election of officers for 1978 was held at the November 1977 meeting. Back then there was a two year term limit on holding any board position and Phil Nagel was elected the new President.

The club, as you would expect, started out looking for lots of members. All you had to do was pay your dues and you became a member. In the March 1978 newsletter the new President explained a by-law change restricting membership requirements, seeking a more active member participation. This restriction has since been changed back to the original "no restriction requirement"; so we now, as before, have a few members none of us have ever seen.

In looking through the early club rosters, it is clear why we are CLASSIC CHEVYS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA instead of something like San Fernando Valley Classic Chevys. Steve had sent letters all over California and got members from Los Angeles, Duarte, El Monte, Bellflower, Downey, Torrance, Wilmington. Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Garden Grove, Palmdale, Long Beach, and nineteen (19) other Southern California communities.

Although many of those long distance members are long gone, the name Classic Chevys of Southern California fit perfectly at the time. We've done pretty well too. We're still together and we are recognized as one of the best, most active clubs in California, north or south.

As a matter of fact we regularly have a very well attended (50 members and family) club picnic at Ranch San Antonio Boys Home, which is our chosen charity. The Boys Home has a spectacular facility and their lovely picnic area encourages the driving of our classic cars there ... and drive them we do. We typically have over 25 classics all parked in a row on the grassy field ... perfect for a Kodak minute.

Our main event each year, since 1982, has been our charity car show which is hosted and run by the club members, demanding a lot of hard work by most of the active ones. Beginning in 2005 our charity car show has been held at the Rancho San Antonio Boys Home facility. Our show raises funds to help the boys at Rancho San Antonio, and gives us an opportunity to help a wonderful organization while also giving us a great excuse to enjoy something we love very much ... '55, '56 & '57 Chevys. We also have the privilege of gathering in Rancho's multi-use room every month for our meetings. 

Since our beginning in 1976 we have never tired of looking at and enjoying our cars, and we're grateful for that commonality with a fun group of people. And believe it or not, a few of our members have enjoyed those "pretty cars" for almost all of those years.

Classic Chevys of Southern California is a non-profit organization.

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